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Resource Persons Specification

The ABC is a new initiative harnessing and maximising diaspora knowledge, financial and physical contributions to stimulate wealth, generate employment and promote social development across the country. ABC works with and mobilises diaspora investors and resource-persons across Europe to gain access to opportunities and selected entrepreneurs to support and invest in their growth to create jobs in emerging and diverse sectors. For this initiative the location are Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. We are looking for people who want to invest their skills and knowledge into businesses that will enhance the Benin economy. There are a number of ways they can be a resource-person /Resource Person a few ways are outlined below: - Mentors = One to one, one to many - Experts = Master classes, webinars, workshops - Coaches = Expertise in an area you can develop in our entrepreneur leaders (i.e. Strategy, negotiation, leadership, networking). AFFORD works with our Resource People to develop or enhance their skills, while providing the opportunity and conducive space to enable them to support others. The information provided in the application process will enable us to select those people who will both benefit and receive benefit from being part of the programme.

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Q# 11 : Do you consent for AFFORD to share the data you provided with its partner for the purpose of your role as a Resource Person. If you decline to this, we may not match you with opportunities. *